About the Podcasters

Where do we begin, this podcast is about blink-182 and their music. More than that though it’s two guys that love the band and the music they’ve made over the past two decades and counting. Each week the guys break down two blink-182 songs one old and one new and discuss the music from a very subjective perspective. They don’t just break down the music of blink-182 though, they also break down Box Car Racer, Angels and Airwaves (AVA), and Plus 44 (+44). As soon as Mark’s newest project Nothing and Nobody makes a release you can be sure it will be added to the mix.


Who We Are:

Zach is a guitarist, podcaster, and lover of all things blink. Packie is also a guitarist, podcaster, and lover of all things blink. The parallels don’t stop there, the two met through a mutual friend Mark, Network Manager of  The Tangent-Bound Network (TBN) and co-founder with Zach of The Podsortium. Packie does a weekly-ish podcast focusing on retro-gaming and all things comics aptly named The 8-Bit Packiecast on the TBN when he’s not vying for most times guest-hosting on The Tangent-Bound Podcast. Zach also has another podcast or two namely Just Zach where he mostly rambles about nonsensical events in his boring ass life while simultaneously mastering the craft of bitchy-mother grade passive aggression; and also The TwoFer Podcast with Mark of TBPC and they just kind of bullshit about whatever dumb thing is going on.

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We talk about the music of blink-182 and related side projects.