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Down the Bunny Hole 67: Misery Inc.

In this episode:

Packie and Zach discuss blink-182’s latest song release ‘Misery’, Zach seeing blink-182 at The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, and some final thoughts on ‘Parking Lot’, California Deluxe’, and ‘California’


Down The Bunny Hole 33: Stay Together For The Kids?

In this episode Packie and Zach take a break from breaking down blink-182’s music and instead focus on the current situation with Tom’s recent departure from the band.

Down The Bunny Hole 26: Reckless Josie

Welcome one and all to another riveting episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Packie and Zach make up for some lost time between recordings! Truly a sight and sound to behold!

For starters, the boys discuss the upcoming Angels and Airwaves project titled the Dream Walker. This leads into talks of the two singles released as well as the trailer for the Poet Anderson movie!

Further on Down, our beloved hosts talk about their amazing packages done been received in the mail! Zach goes into detail about his luck of the draw with the Blink-182 mystery bag, while Packie delves into his Angels and Airwaves membership exclusives! They both sum it up nicely with their respective pre-orders of the Dream Walker bundles.

Lastly, the boys do what they do best: break down the music! Tune in for this and so much more as you continue to fall Down the Bunny Hole!

Down The Bunny Hole 25: Adam’s Letter

Old Song, Packie – Adam’s Song from Enema of the State, Mark Tom & Travis Show, and Greatest Hits
New Song, Zach – Here’s Your Letter from the Eponymous Self-Titled Album

Thank you one and all for joining us on another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Packie and Zach keep it relatively short because they really don’t have a whole hell of a lot to talk about in terms of Blink-182 news. Despite this, they still manage to fill the time with some interesting tidbits about songs to be played at their funerals.

Later on Down comes the real meat and potatoes of the podcast, breaking down the music of Blink-182. Packie, being of the old song, picked the popular Adam’s Song from Enema of the State. Our hosts discuss the story behind this song as well as why it’s since been retired from Blink’s live set list. Next up, Zach picks and breaks down Here’s Your Letter from the self-titled album. Tune in to hear how the guys defend accusations of Mark Hoppus being an emotionally shallow fella, as well as finding this song to be a prelude to I’m Lost Without You.

Also this and so much more as you join us Down the Bunny Hole!

Down The Bunny Hole 17: Dumpweed If She Falls

Old Song, Zach – Dumpweed from Enema of the State
New Song, Packie – Even If She Falls from Neighborhoods

Welcome everyone to this weeks episode of Down the Bunny Hole! Zach starts us off with a bang by making a One Direction reference…Yeah, that happens. But only for the fact that it creates the massive upswing that is this amazing Podcast! The boys talk about their finally having received the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket vinyls in the mail! Zach then talks about Blink-182 coming to Houston via a gigantic loathe-inspiring festival.

Further on Down the Hole, Packie talks about the potential mishap done up with his ordering of the Neighborhoods vinyl off of eBay. Keep your fingers crossed! Zach starts to poke fun with having two copies of this particular vinyl, which leads to Packie making a valiant attempt at confusing him in return. Tune in to enjoy the wacky banter of our beloved half-witted hosts.

As the show goes on, the boys begin to get down to business and break down Blink! Check it out to hear them discuss the magic behind the most quality song choice to open an album and concert, as well as Packie finally making good on picking the one song we’ve all been waiting for!

All this and so much more as you join us Down the Bunny Hole!

Down The Bunny Hole 15: Untitled Charmer

Old Song, Zach – Untitled from Dude Ranch
New Song, Packie – Snake Charmer from Neighborhoods

Welcome boys and girls to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! The only podcast that breaks down Blink-182 and their beloved music that has grown with us throughout the years. In today’s episode, Zach talks a lil’ bit about how excited he is that he’ll be able to spoil his nephew with Blink and guitars when he comes of age. Packie furthers it by relating to his nephew with Angels & Airwaves.

Further on down the hole, new vinyls are afoot! The boys discuss a repress of We Don’t Need to Whisper by Angels & Airwaves on pink/purple vinyl and Packie really wants to find a way to get this album! Zach does too, but he already owns it via the AVA Gold Package, so it’s not as important to him.

As time goes by, discussions are abound of Zach sharing with Packie the band Less Than Jake, which Packie does, in fact, enjoy quite thoroughly. The beauty of it is that this only further solidifies the parallels betwixt our beloved hosts.

After all this, the two get down to the real meat and potatoes of the podcast: breaking down the music! Tune in to hear Packie and Zach do what they do best on the greatest podcast to ever break down Blink!

All this and so much more as you traverse Down the Bunny Hole! Don’t trip and fall. #LikeBLodPods

Down The Bunny Hole 13: The Rock Strings

Old Song, Zach – Strings from Buddha
New Song, Packie – Rock Show from Take Off You Pants and Jacket

Welcome one and all to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! Join us as our hosts discuss some recent vinyl purchases right out of the gate! Could they be Blink 182 vinyls? Who knows. Suppose you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Further on Down the Hole, Packie breaks away from the status quo and talks about his recent trip to see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue! Come on in to hear him discuss this journey down the path of Rock and Roll. As Zach says, “A good live show is an unbeatable experience.” And Packie is quick to agree as he relives the show in his mind!

Later on in the show, the songs begin to get broken down by the boys. Zach starts us off with a solid choice from Buddha! As per the usual, the topics quickly take a turn down a different hole and Zach inadvertently introduces Packie to Less Than Jake!

For the new song, Packie takes a track from Take Off and reminisces the days of old and how that album really ties into his past.

All this and so much more when you journey with Packie and Zach going Down the Bunny Hole!

Down The Bunny Hole 9: Enthused On The Dance Floor

Old Song, Zach – Enthused from Dude Ranch
New Song, Packie – Ghost on the Dance Floor from Neighborhoods

Welcome boys and girls and trannies alike to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Zach finally gets his Angels and Airwaves Gold Package vinyls! Come bask in the glory with them as they revel in it’s…glory…fuck. However! There seems to be an item missing from the package that was supposed to be sent by the band. Oh no! Tune in to find out exactly what that may be.

This, of course, leads down the vinyl Bunny Hole that our boys know and love. Packie and Zach discuss their affinity for the analog age and what kind of set up that Zach has at his disposal.

You won’t believe it, but as the boys venture down, they discuss a bit about one of their *favorite* stores. Alongside this, a nice tidbit is shared about the late great George Carlin and all his fucking wisdom.

More on down, the boys discuss punk vs pop vs pop punk and into which category the Blink boys fit.

Lastly, the much brought up Blink topic: Tom’s singing voice.

Tune in with Packie and Zach for all this and more as they journey Down the Bunny Hole!

Down The Bunny Hole 6: Down Syndrome

Zach’s Blink Song – Down from the Eponymous Album
Packie’s Blink Song – Stockholm Syndrome from the Eponymous Album

Zach’s Boxcar Racer Song – There Is
Packie’s Boxcar Racer Song – Letters to God Pt. 1

Welcome to another edition of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s madness, the boys switch up the format for the day and bring you this special edition of DTBH! Further on down, Zach finally receives his Enema vinyl and has a few more on the way!

As our hosts break down their songs, they discuss the shift between Take Off and the Self-Titled album and how Boxcar Racer may have played a role in said shift. It turns out, both our illustrious Hole dwellers grew up right along with these albums! Thus inspiring so many memories, which led to even more inspired tattoos!

So strap in and strap on as you journey with us Down the Bunny Hole.