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Down the Bunny Hole 19: Obviously Clear

Old Song, Zach: Wendy Clear from Enema of the State
New Song, Packie: Obvious from the Eponymous Album

Ladies, Gentleman, Boys, and Girls, welcome to BLodPods very own Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Packie and Zach begin the show with a bit of a jump into the 8-Bit Packiecast when Zach talks about some moments from his retro video gaming days. This segues seamlessly into a bit of Just Zach magic where Zach delves a bit into that which irritates him as well as his vinyl collection, which does often happen Down the Bunny Hole. Truth be told, we all know DTBH is basically an extension of Just Zach anyway.

Back into Blink, the boys talk about an interview they saw with Tom’s guitar tech, Doug Reesh. If you’d like to see that video, here’s a YouTube link to it! (Don’t say we didn’t ever do anything for you B-Holers) The interview itself leads into a bit of tech talk between Packie and Zach, so be sure to tune in to hear a little bit about the gear that they use.

Finally, as we journey Down the Hole, the boys get into doing what they do best: breaking down the music! As always, we have one old song and one new, so be sure to listen in to hear about that which drove our hosts to have a boner particular songs this week.

All this and more as you fall further and further Down the Bunny Hole!

Down the Bunny Hole 18: Wishing Bananas

Old Song, Packie: Toast and Bananas from Cheshire Cat
New Song, Zach: Wishing Well from Neighborhoods

Welcome everyone to another journey Down the Bunny Hole with your hosts Packie and Zach! In today’s episode, the boys start off by forgetting if they even recorded last week, but you know, when you work on such an amazing podcast, every day feels you recorded last week, so it’s hard to remember when it actually happened and when it’s just the afterglow.
Into the Blink business, Zach talks about his purchasing of the American Flag that features the Blink smiley in place of the 50 stars. Pretty cool, no? When he receives said item in the mail, pictures will certainly be posted both here and on the Down the Bunny Hole Facebook page. Packie then switches gears over towards vinyl talk and gives an update on his in-transit Neighborhoods vinyl.  Zach then reveals he too is having shipping issues with a Blink-182 program that he recently ordered.

Further down the Hole, our hosts talk about the Leeds and Reading festivals that took place over in England. Everything from the photos to Tom’s not-so-terrible-this-time singing! Tune in to hear what the boys thought about the footage they saw and heard! Also, there’s talk about a song used as the introduction to these festivals that Packie and Zach showed a particular shining towards. If you’d like to hear it for yourself, then click here on this YouTube link! Warning: NSFW. Not that we care, but you probably do.

After some more festival talks, our hosts get down the real Toast and Bananas (see what we did there) of what this show is all about: breaking down Blink-182!

All this and, as always, so much more as you journey with Packie and Zach Down the Bunny Hole!

Down the Bunny Hole 16: Hope’s All Gone

Old Song, Packie – A New Hope from Dude Ranch
New Song, Zach – Heart’s All Gone from Neighborhoods

Welcome everyone to another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! This weeks episode starts off strong with a bit of discussion about Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic Park, and a seamless segue right into Blink-182! Naturally, this leads to a discussion about vinyls and how Zach is so close to completing his Blink-182 vinyl collection! Packie talks about how there’s a local record store (which he incorrectly names) and how excited he is to go peruse their wares.

Further down the Hole, Zach reveals some updated Blink-182 news about the recording of their next album! Granted, yes this was actually from about 3 weeks ago, but at the time, it was hot off the press! Tune in to hear what Mark Hoppus has to say about the upcoming 8th studio record by Blink-182.

After a brief digression about Chlamydia, the boys get into breaking down Blink. Tune in to hear Packie do what he does best by tearing down the walls of his song choice to reveal a potentially deeper meaning behind the lyrics. Also, Zach chooses a song too…

…Which you should totally listen to hear him discuss, because Neighborhoods is such a brilliant display of the triumphant return of Blink-182 and Zach hits that perfectly by choosing a song from this album.

All this and so much more as we venture Down the Bunny Hole!

Down the Bunny Hole 14 – I’m Lost Without College

Old Song, Packie – Going Away to College from Enema of the State
New Song, Zach – I’m Lost Without You from the Eponymous Album

Welcome, yet again, to another edition of Down the Bunny Hole with Packie and Zach! Join our hosts as they peruse yet another plethora of avenues down the everlasting bunny hole!

In today’s episode, Zach talks about the Geighbors laying down their first recordings and how he hopes they’ll be on stage in a few weeks time. Be sure to stay tuned to further episodes, because he brings up that they’re going to lay down a cover of No, It Isn’t and maybe we’ll get to hear it in the near future.

Later on in the episode the boys talk about the band that forced the 182 by way of trying to sue the band for using the name “Blink” back in the day. Then, they discuss Mark being nominated for Sexiest Vegan by PETA. Be sure to find a way to try and help Mark win by voting for him however you can!

Next, they talk about Tom’s involvement with putting his guitars up for auction on the Reissued App. Tune in to find out just why Tom put so much effort into this endeavor!

Lastly, before our hosts break down their individual Blink songs, they discuss the eventual inclusion of DTBH Merch! If you’ve any ideas or suggestions for what kind of merch could be included, let us know!

As always, all this and so much more when you journey with Packie and Zach Down the Bunny Hole!

Down the Bunny Hole 12: Love is Emo

Old Song, Packie – Emo from Dude Ranch
New Song, Zach – Love is Dangerous from Neighborhoods

Welcome boys and girls once again to another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! Join Packie and Zach as they begrudgingly traverse their way through a technically difficult episode! You may not hear it in the recording, but this episode proved to be a real son of a bitch for the boys in that for some reason, using Google Hangouts provided quite the delay between when words were spoken vs when they were heard. So, apologies abound in advance if you pick up on anything missed in post!

Hey, what would the Bunny Hole be without a little madness, am I right?

In today’s episode, first and foremost, Zach is officially an Uncle! Join us in congratulating our resident motherfucker as he welcomes a new addition to his family!

Shortly thereafter, our hosts discuss more vinyls! Their recent acquisitions and love for their collections thus far. Further on down, they delve into the breaking news of the official announcement of a new Blink-182 album in the works! Tune in to hear just what was said and hear the boys react to this and other reviews of the few words Tom said in his official statement.

Later on in the show, Zach brings up an interesting idea: What if Blink rerecorded Dude Ranch with the arsenal they have at their disposal today? Tune in to hear their thoughts and ramblings on this topic!

Lastly, our illustrious hosts break down and discuss their respectively chosen Blink-182 tracks for this weeks episode. Join us, one and all, as we travel further and further Down the Bunny Hole. Don’t blink! You might miss it.

Down the Bunny Hole 11: Not Lemmings

Old Song, Zach – Lemmings from Dude Ranch
New Song, Packie – Not Now from the Eponymous Album (Import) and Greatest Hits

Welcome one and fucking all to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole. In today’s episode, Packie and Zach start off with their usual banter about their ever growing vinyl collections and even a bit of discussion about the science behind how a vinyl actually works. Well, their own half-baked attempts at such anyway.

After their extensive discussion about vinyl records, the boys get down to business with their individual song breakdowns. As is tradition whilst traversing down the Bunny Hole, a bit of digression breaks through as the boys discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying music in today’s day and age.

As the journey continues, the boys delve into a bit of Blink 182’s cover songs. Everything from Dancing With Myself to Another Girl, Another Planet. Tune in to hear our hosts discuss this and even hear Packie’s half-assed impression of Billy Idol!

All this and so much more on today’s episode of Down the Bunny Hole!

Down The Bunny Hole 10: What Isn’t my MH London

Old Song, Packie – What’s My Age Again? from Enema of the State
New Song, Zach – MH 4.18.2011 from Neighborhoods
AVA Song, Packie – Young London from LOVE pt. I
+44 Song, Zach – No, It Isn’t from When Your Heart Stops Beating

Welcome one and all to our first special episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, the boys make good on their claim that every 10 episode will include two extra songs from subsequent project bands! Tune in to hear the boys break down not only a couple Blink songs, but an AVA and +44 song as well!

Further on down, Packie and Zach share a bond through a previous encounter with a stomach related illness after Packie states that he can’t have caffeine. Surrounding this tidbit, they discuss a few of Blink’s latest goings on (at least from 3 weeks ago) and any news related thereto. After that, Packie reveals that the day of this recording marked the 2 year anniversary of his Angels & Airwaves tattoo! Be sure to check our Facebook Page to see a photo of what he calls his “Little Black Dark Scar.”

As our hosts begin to break down their respective songs, Packie has a brain fart and can’t seem to remember that he was supposed to pick a Blink 182 song. Join in and let us all laugh at his flubs.

All this and more can be heard in this very special episode of Down the Bunny Hole!

Down the Bunny Hole 8: Asthem+ms

Old Song, Packie – M+Ms from Cheshire Cat
New Song, Zach – Asthenia from the Eponymous Album

Hello fellow Bunny Hole Dwellers! Welcome, yet again, to another stirring episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Zach and Packie talk about the beauty of vinyl records and how the Enema of the State vinyl has a small error on it during the song “What’s My Age Again?” The good news is that Packie finally caved and has begun spiraling down the Bunny Hole that is vinyl. The bad news is, Zach had a rather shitty experience at the local Hot Topic store. What is this experience, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Further on Down, the boys discuss the goods and bads of social networking. This incoherently segues right into Zach’s awesome story about sharing +44 with a brokenhearted coworker. Then, in the traditional vein of the Bunny Hole itself, our hosts discuss a couple different articles that were centered around Blink 182. One of them being why the author feels that Blink 182 should go on hiatus again. The second article is an interview with Tom DeLonge about To The Stars and the next Angels and Airwaves album. Juicy, juicy, juicy!

As the journey continues, the boys do their thing where they break down the songs of Blink! Tune in to hear their thoughts and musings on the two songs that they chose for this weeks episode! Stay tuned as they go on further to discuss a few songs upon which  the members of Blink have individually featured!

All this and so much more as we take a trip Down the Bunny Hole!

Down the Bunny Hole 7: Give Me Peggy Sue

Old Song, Zach: Peggy Sue from Cheshire Cat
New Song, Packie: Give Me One Good Reason from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Welcome one and all to another edition of Down the Bunny Hole with Packie and Zach! In today’s episode, Packie reveals his latest domestic acquisition in the form of a little furry friend! Be sure to check the notes below for a photo or two of the little ball of mischief aptly named Loki.

Further on down the proverbial tunnel of the hare, Zach shares with us the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Enema of the State! The boys take a short trip down memory lane, reminiscing about 1999, the year that album was released, and how it affected their lives at that age with the hot nurse on the cover. Later on in the discussion, our hosts break down just how much of a change Travis really brought to the band.

More on down the hole, the boys vent their irritation with a certain a Top Ten List that Packie brought to the table. Inspiring such an endeavor to work on and release their own Top Ten list that will involve more than just tracks with commercial success. Be sure to stay tuned for that! In the midst of breaking down their respective song choices, our half-witted hosts realize that they inadvertently both chose songs that are somewhat presented as a big middle finger to the establishment that governs our societal means. Amazing the reaction when it’s discovered how this happened by accident.

So, be sure to tune in and hear all the juicy goodness that entails whilst one journeys Down the Bunny Hole!


Oh, and here is Loki!


Down the Bunny Hole 5: Overnight Man

Old Song, Packie – Man Overboard from The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show
New Song, Zach – After Midnight from Neighborhoods

Welcome one and all to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole with Packie and Zach! In today’s episode, the boys celebrate the launch of the very podcast to which you are currently listening! If that doesn’t stick a dick in your brain, then just wait and see what they come up with next. Upon further traversals down the proverbial hole, the boys discuss the age of a certain TangentBound Network manager, Zach’s book on friendship titled “Resentment”, and the proper etiquette for approaching things you love.

First up on the agenda, the guys talk a bit about Zach’s vinyl collection and if you listen close enough, you can almost hear Packie drooling at the idea of one day procuring his own. Next up down the hole, they talk about the Mark Hoppus AMA on Reddit and discuss some of the different answers that Mark had given a couple years back. Further on down, Zach reveals that in terms of their abilities to take away from each song how they do, Zach would be the Tom and Packie would be the Mark. This may prove beneficial someday in the future! Just you wait and see. Next up, aside from the weekly breakdown of the individual songs, our hosts discuss their methods for creating and covering the music they know and love. Lastly, this weeks show us tied up with a nicely drawn bow in regards to some solid back and forth about the various relationships in the lives of Zach and Packie.