Down the Bunny Hole 12: Love is Emo

Old Song, Packie – Emo from Dude Ranch
New Song, Zach – Love is Dangerous from Neighborhoods

Welcome boys and girls once again to another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! Join Packie and Zach as they begrudgingly traverse their way through a technically difficult episode! You may not hear it in the recording, but this episode proved to be a real son of a bitch for the boys in that for some reason, using Google Hangouts provided quite the delay between when words were spoken vs when they were heard. So, apologies abound in advance if you pick up on anything missed in post!

Hey, what would the Bunny Hole be without a little madness, am I right?

In today’s episode, first and foremost, Zach is officially an Uncle! Join us in congratulating our resident motherfucker as he welcomes a new addition to his family!

Shortly thereafter, our hosts discuss more vinyls! Their recent acquisitions and love for their collections thus far. Further on down, they delve into the breaking news of the official announcement of a new Blink-182 album in the works! Tune in to hear just what was said and hear the boys react to this and other reviews of the few words Tom said in his official statement.

Later on in the show, Zach brings up an interesting idea: What if Blink rerecorded Dude Ranch with the arsenal they have at their disposal today? Tune in to hear their thoughts and ramblings on this topic!

Lastly, our illustrious hosts break down and discuss their respectively chosen Blink-182 tracks for this weeks episode. Join us, one and all, as we travel further and further Down the Bunny Hole. Don’t blink! You might miss it.

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