Down the Bunny Hole 14 – I’m Lost Without College

Old Song, Packie – Going Away to College from Enema of the State
New Song, Zach – I’m Lost Without You from the Eponymous Album

Welcome, yet again, to another edition of Down the Bunny Hole with Packie and Zach! Join our hosts as they peruse yet another plethora of avenues down the everlasting bunny hole!

In today’s episode, Zach talks about the Geighbors laying down their first recordings and how he hopes they’ll be on stage in a few weeks time. Be sure to stay tuned to further episodes, because he brings up that they’re going to lay down a cover of No, It Isn’t and maybe we’ll get to hear it in the near future.

Later on in the episode the boys talk about the band that forced the 182 by way of trying to sue the band for using the name “Blink” back in the day. Then, they discuss Mark being nominated for Sexiest Vegan by PETA. Be sure to find a way to try and help Mark win by voting for him however you can!

Next, they talk about Tom’s involvement with putting his guitars up for auction on the Reissued App. Tune in to find out just why Tom put so much effort into this endeavor!

Lastly, before our hosts break down their individual Blink songs, they discuss the eventual inclusion of DTBH Merch! If you’ve any ideas or suggestions for what kind of merch could be included, let us know!

As always, all this and so much more when you journey with Packie and Zach Down the Bunny Hole!