Down The Bunny Hole 15: Untitled Charmer

Old Song, Zach – Untitled from Dude Ranch
New Song, Packie – Snake Charmer from Neighborhoods

Welcome boys and girls to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! The only podcast that breaks down Blink-182 and their beloved music that has grown with us throughout the years. In today’s episode, Zach talks a lil’ bit about how excited he is that he’ll be able to spoil his nephew with Blink and guitars when he comes of age. Packie furthers it by relating to his nephew with Angels & Airwaves.

Further on down the hole, new vinyls are afoot! The boys discuss a repress of We Don’t Need to Whisper by Angels & Airwaves on pink/purple vinyl and Packie really wants to find a way to get this album! Zach does too, but he already owns it via the AVA Gold Package, so it’s not as important to him.

As time goes by, discussions are abound of Zach sharing with Packie the band Less Than Jake, which Packie does, in fact, enjoy quite thoroughly. The beauty of it is that this only further solidifies the parallels betwixt our beloved hosts.

After all this, the two get down to the real meat and potatoes of the podcast: breaking down the music! Tune in to hear Packie and Zach do what they do best on the greatest podcast to ever break down Blink!

All this and so much more as you traverse Down the Bunny Hole! Don’t trip and fall. #LikeBLodPods