Down the Bunny Hole 16: Hope’s All Gone

Old Song, Packie – A New Hope from Dude Ranch
New Song, Zach – Heart’s All Gone from Neighborhoods

Welcome everyone to another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! This weeks episode starts off strong with a bit of discussion about Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic Park, and a seamless segue right into Blink-182! Naturally, this leads to a discussion about vinyls and how Zach is so close to completing his Blink-182 vinyl collection! Packie talks about how there’s a local record store (which he incorrectly names) and how excited he is to go peruse their wares.

Further down the Hole, Zach reveals some updated Blink-182 news about the recording of their next album! Granted, yes this was actually from about 3 weeks ago, but at the time, it was hot off the press! Tune in to hear what Mark Hoppus has to say about the upcoming 8th studio record by Blink-182.

After a brief digression about Chlamydia, the boys get into breaking down Blink. Tune in to hear Packie do what he does best by tearing down the walls of his song choice to reveal a potentially deeper meaning behind the lyrics. Also, Zach chooses a song too…

…Which you should totally listen to hear him discuss, because Neighborhoods is such a brilliant display of the triumphant return of Blink-182 and Zach hits that perfectly by choosing a song from this album.

All this and so much more as we venture Down the Bunny Hole!