Down The Bunny Hole 17: Dumpweed If She Falls

Old Song, Zach – Dumpweed from Enema of the State
New Song, Packie – Even If She Falls from Neighborhoods

Welcome everyone to this weeks episode of Down the Bunny Hole! Zach starts us off with a bang by making a One Direction reference…Yeah, that happens. But only for the fact that it creates the massive upswing that is this amazing Podcast! The boys talk about their finally having received the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket vinyls in the mail! Zach then talks about Blink-182 coming to Houston via a gigantic loathe-inspiring festival.

Further on Down the Hole, Packie talks about the potential mishap done up with his ordering of the Neighborhoods vinyl off of eBay. Keep your fingers crossed! Zach starts to poke fun with having two copies of this particular vinyl, which leads to Packie making a valiant attempt at confusing him in return. Tune in to enjoy the wacky banter of our beloved half-witted hosts.

As the show goes on, the boys begin to get down to business and break down Blink! Check it out to hear them discuss the magic behind the most quality song choice to open an album and concert, as well as Packie finally making good on picking the one song we’ve all been waiting for!

All this and so much more as you join us Down the Bunny Hole!