Down the Bunny Hole 18: Wishing Bananas

Old Song, Packie: Toast and Bananas from Cheshire Cat
New Song, Zach: Wishing Well from Neighborhoods

Welcome everyone to another journey Down the Bunny Hole with your hosts Packie and Zach! In today’s episode, the boys start off by forgetting if they even recorded last week, but you know, when you work on such an amazing podcast, every day feels you recorded last week, so it’s hard to remember when it actually happened and when it’s just the afterglow.
Into the Blink business, Zach talks about his purchasing of the American Flag that features the Blink smiley in place of the 50 stars. Pretty cool, no? When he receives said item in the mail, pictures will certainly be posted both here and on the Down the Bunny Hole Facebook page. Packie then switches gears over towards vinyl talk and gives an update on his in-transit Neighborhoods vinyl.  Zach then reveals he too is having shipping issues with a Blink-182 program that he recently ordered.

Further down the Hole, our hosts talk about the Leeds and Reading festivals that took place over in England. Everything from the photos to Tom’s not-so-terrible-this-time singing! Tune in to hear what the boys thought about the footage they saw and heard! Also, there’s talk about a song used as the introduction to these festivals that Packie and Zach showed a particular shining towards. If you’d like to hear it for yourself, then click here on this YouTube link! Warning: NSFW. Not that we care, but you probably do.

After some more festival talks, our hosts get down the real Toast and Bananas (see what we did there) of what this show is all about: breaking down Blink-182!

All this and, as always, so much more as you journey with Packie and Zach Down the Bunny Hole!