Down The Bunny Hole 2: Dammit All Night

Old Song, Zach: Dammit
New Song, Packie: Up All Night

Join Packie and Zach as they venture further down the bunny hole! In today’s episode, we learn about the origins of both AVA’s first album and Packie’s mysterious names. Are they related? Tune in to find out! As the episode progresses, they discuss the infusion of rap/hip-hop with Blink as well as references to them in other music.

Further on down the hole, our hosts talk about the different Angels & Airwaves Gold Packages, Blink’s unique way of recording their music, the progression of Tom’s voice via the years of singing Carousel, and Mark’s new band Nothing and Nobody.

Lastly, check out this sweet picture Zach took at a previous Blink concert!


blink show

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