Down the Bunny Hole 20: Flight of the Waggy Natives and I

Old Song, Packie – Waggy from Dude Ranch
New Song, Zach – Natives from Neighborhoods
Boxcar Racer Song, Packie – And I
Angels & Airwaves Song, Zach – Flight of the Apollo

Welcome to a special edition of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, as is tradition with the way of the podcast, aside from breaking down the songs of Blink, Packie and Zach throw in a couple side project songs as well!

With only a small set of digression, the boys talk about some past performances of Blink-182 and how Tom’s live voice was much more preferable back in those days. Zach also talks about the process of his purchase of his Blink-182 Flag as well as the set list from the very first Blink concert he ever attended.

Down to the toast and bananas of the podcast, the boys do what they do best: break down the music! As previously stated, every tenth episode, our hosts throw in two extra songs from the side project bands. In today’s episode, Packie dips into the Boxcar Racer album and Zach rips from the LOVE pt. 1!

Tune in to hear this and so much more as we venture Down the Bunny Hole!