Down the Bunny Hole 22: This Carousel

Old Song, Zach – Carousel from Buddha/Cheshire Cat/Mark, Tom, Travis Show/Greatest Hits
New Song, Packie – Feeling This from the Eponymous Album/Greatest Hits

Welcome to Down the Bunny Hole with Packie and Zach! In today’s episode, our hosts do what they do best: break down the music of Blink-182! As per tradition, prior to doing so, the boys discuss a little bit of news and divulge their blessed points of view towards the band they love the most.¬†Everything from Zach’s purchase of his Blink-182 flag to Packie’s AVA inspired song that he’s currently working on! Be sure to tune in to hear all this and everything in between.

All this aside, our hosts get down to breaking down their respective song choices. This week, Zach has the choice of old and picked the classic Carousel. Afterward, Packie chooses another of Blink’s hits in Feeling This. Be sure to tune in to hear our boys discuss these great representations of the growth and progression of Blink-182!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us Down the Bunny Hole!