Down the Bunny Hole 23: Kaleidoscope Gary

Old Song, Packie – Dysentery Gary from Enema of the State
New Song, Zach – Kaleidoscope from Neighborhoods

Welcome to another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s show, Zach starts us off talking about his new big ticket item done been purchased! After that, he reveals to Packie that Tom DeLonge made a post to his personal Instagram/Facebook page that included a small snippet from the upcoming Dream Walker album by Angels & Airwaves! Unfortunately, this file has since been taken down by Tom, but there are still clips floating around on the internet! Be sure to tune in to hear what the boys have to say about this sneak peak!

Next up, Zach goes on a rant about someone who likes to take a certain styled Fender guitar, painting it a random color, then calling it a Tom DeLonge signature series. Now, we’re no experts here on Down the Bunny Hole, but being the aficionados that we be, shit is known by our beloved hosts and Zach recalls all the hours spent staring at catalogs with these guitars inside of them, without any recollection as to these specially painted models. Just what do Packie and Zach actually have to say about this? You’ll have to listen to find out!

All this aside, the boys get down to doing what they do best: breaking down the music of the one and only Blink-182. As always, the meat and potatoes of the podcast really drives it home with some awesome stories about our parents as well as some tidbits about what the music really means. So be sure to listen and enjoy as you fall with us Down the Bunny Hole!