Down the Bunny Hole 24: Dogs Eating the Small Things

Welcome B-Holers to another episode of your favorite Blink-182 centric podcast! In today’s episode, the boys discuss the idiocy of some people on the internet who seem to lack the ability to simply Google the information they desire. After that, they find out the official name for the plus symbol you see in math and on keyboards! Curious as to the answer? Tune in to find out!

Later on Down the Hole, the boys talk about the new Angels and Airwaves website as well as the fans reactions to the clip mentioned in the previous episode. Tune in to hear a bit of hilarity made towards a specific response on the Down the Bunny Hole Facebook page. After this, our hosts talk about the new single Paralyzed being leaked before the actual release.

Finally, all this aside, the boys get down to doing what they do best: breaking down Blink-182! So be sure to tune so you can, as always, join us Down the Bunny Hole!