Down The Bunny Hole 26: Reckless Josie

Welcome one and all to another riveting episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Packie and Zach make up for some lost time between recordings! Truly a sight and sound to behold!

For starters, the boys discuss the upcoming Angels and Airwaves project titled the Dream Walker. This leads into talks of the two singles released as well as the trailer for the Poet Anderson movie!

Further on Down, our beloved hosts talk about their amazing packages done been received in the mail! Zach goes into detail about his luck of the draw with the Blink-182 mystery bag, while Packie delves into his Angels and Airwaves membership exclusives! They both sum it up nicely with their respective pre-orders of the Dream Walker bundles.

Lastly, the boys do what they do best: break down the music! Tune in for this and so much more as you continue to fall Down the Bunny Hole!