Down the Bunny Hole 27: Pretty Sometimes

Old Song, Packie – Sometimes from Buddha and Cheshire Cat
New Song, Zach – Pretty Little Girl from the Dogs Eating Dogs EP

Welcome one and all to another amazing episode of Down the Bunny Hole, the only Podcast that does justice to the proper breaking down of Blink-182! In today’s episode, Packie and Zach pay homage to the Tangent-Bound Podcast’s first ever LIVE show! Be sure to head over to the Tangent-Bound Network to hear Packie and Zach as they called in and became solidified as a part of this historical moment! There’s even a few shoutouts to Down the Bunny Hole!

After discussing that, the boys talk about a bit of news surrounding Tom’s future plans for Blink, as well as the status of David Kennedy and Eddie Breckenridge within the confines of Angels & Airwaves. Tune in to hear what’s developed in the ways of these reports!

Finally, our hosts get Down to doing what they do best: breaking Blink! Be sure to stay and listen to hear their thoughts and musings on their song choices for this week as we all fall Down the Bunny Hole!