Down the Bunny Hole 31: All of the Easy Targets Next Door

Old Song, Zach – The Girl Next Door from Buddha
New Songs, Packie – Easy Target and All of This from the Eponymous Self Titled Album

Welcome back to another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! We’re back to our regularly scheduled program and hot damn, we’re full bore with the breaking down of Blink-182! Join Packie and Zach as they do what they do best on this very awesome Blink-182 centric podcast!

Not a whole lot on the news front in terms of any of the band members, but the boys do their best to talk about anything and everything related thereto! After which, it’s right down the toast and bananas of the show. Tune in to hear the boys discuss not 2, but 3 songs on this episode of Down the Bunny Hole!