Down the Bunny Hole 32: The First Mutt

Old Song, Packie – Mutt from Enema of the State
New Song, Zach – First Date from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and the Greatest Hits

Thank you one and all for joining us again on another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Packie and Zach may or may not have taken it upon themselves to record this episode just after the last one. In doing so, they didn’t have a whole lot to discuss prior to breaking down the music of the one and only Blink-182.

Getting right into it, the boys waste no time in getting down the business. Packie takes from Enema of the State, while Zach picks from Take Off. Tune in to hear this no-bullshit episode of the one and only Down the Bunny Hole!