Down the Bunny Hole 36: Degenerate Violence

Old Song, Zach – Degenerate from Dude Ranch
New Song, Packie – Violence from the Self-TItled/Eponymous Album

Welcome one and all to yet another edition of Down the Bunny Hole! Join our hosts Packie as Zach as they dare to brave the task that is breaking down the music of the one and only Blink-182!

In today’s episode, our hosts discuss a major consistent point to a lot of of the music of Blink and their side projects: sequencing. There’s something specifically right about the order by which the bands place their music on their albums and the notion is not lost on Packie or Zach. Tune in to hear just how much attention they actually pay to this aspect of the music!

After all is said and done, the boys get to breaking down the music! Come on, have a listen and see just what they have to say about the songs they picked.

All this and so much more as you join us Down the Bunny Hole!