Down the Bunny Hole 38: Always TV

Old Song, Zach – TV from Buddha
New Song, Packie – Always from the Eponymous Self-titled Album and Greatest Hits

Welcome back to another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! Join our hosts Packie and Zach as they tackle the latest and greatest of news with the one and only Blink-182. In today’s episode, our boys talk about Tom’s release of his new song “New World” from his “To The Stars: Demos, Odds and Ends” album and the few blurbs that followed. Also on the docket, our hosts talk about the Hi, My Name is Mark podcast where Matt Skiba was interviewed! Be sure to check out that episode of that awesome podcast.

Shortly thereafter, Packie and Zach get down to breaking down the music. Zach digs deep into the cuts of the earlier albums, whereas Packie picks one of the last singles available from the list! Tune in to hear which songs they pick and what they have to say!

All this and more as you join us Down the Bunny Hole!