Down the Bunny Hole 41.5: Down the Packie Hole – A DTBH PSA!

Welcome one and all to another episode…ish of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, you’re tuning into just one half of the dynamic duo as Zach is off to make money money, make money money! Packie brings you a special PSA to inform you of Down the Bunny Hole’s current situation, as well as what to expect for the next couple episodes in the upcoming weeks!

All that aside, it wouldn’t be Down the Bunny Hole without a lil’ breaking down though, no? Packie talks a bit about To The Stars: Demos, Odds and Ends… the new solo album from the one and only Tom DeLonge. Be sure to tune in to hear not only what Packie has to say, but Zach is able to chime in via text as well!

So, come on in! Won’t you join us Down the Bunny Hole?