Down the Bunny Hole 41: Does My Christmas Smell?

Old Song, Packie – Does My Breath Smell from Cheshire Cat
New Song, Zach – I Won’t Be Home for Christmas

Welcome one and all to another riveting episode of Down the Bunny Hole! The boy are back in town and ready to kick your ass with a bit of the breaking down of Blink-182.

In today’s episode, the boys talk a little bit about Tom’s new single Circle-Jerk-Pit, as well as the impending arrival of his solo album To The Stars: Demos, Odds and Ends.

Right down to the Toast and Bananas, our hosts get into breaking down the music itself. Packie dips into Cheshire Cat, while Zach throws a curveball and picks a special song that was only featured as a single! Tune in!

All this and more as you join us Down the Bunny Hole, motherfuckers!