Down the Bunny Hole 49 – Songs for Some (The Show)

Welcome back to Down the Bunny Hole! The only Podcast that dares to tackle the music of the one and only Blink-182.

In today’s episode, Packie and Zach waste no time taking up a lot of time to bring up what’s been going on with the band in recent months. Everything from Tom’s latest projects with Poet Anderson to Blink heading into the studio with Matt Skiba.

Before finishing up the show, the boys bring about the discussion of their own pride and joy: their own music. That’s right. Packie and Zach talked about it months ago and have finally brought to the Bunny Hole their own personal music. Each host was given a topic and they did not disappoint. However, because Packie hasn’t edited an episode in so long, he forgot to include them in the actual episode.

SO! To remedy that, the songs have been uploaded as a separate episode to follow! You’ll figure it out.

As always, thank you so much for tuning and checking out just what goes on Down the Bunny Hole!