Down The Bunny Hole 6: Down Syndrome

Zach’s Blink Song – Down from the Eponymous Album
Packie’s Blink Song – Stockholm Syndrome from the Eponymous Album

Zach’s Boxcar Racer Song – There Is
Packie’s Boxcar Racer Song – Letters to God Pt. 1

Welcome to another edition of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s madness, the boys switch up the format for the day and bring you this special edition of DTBH! Further on down, Zach finally receives his Enema vinyl and has a few more on the way!

As our hosts break down their songs, they discuss the shift between Take Off and the Self-Titled album and how Boxcar Racer may have played a role in said shift. It turns out, both our illustrious Hole dwellers grew up right along with these albums! Thus inspiring so many memories, which led to even more inspired tattoos!

So strap in and strap on as you journey with us Down the Bunny Hole.

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