Down the Bunny Hole 52:

Welcome to the official end of Down the Bunny Hole…Year One! Had you for a second, huh? That’s right! DTBH is finally at the end of it’s first podcastual year. 52 episodes later, Packie and Zach still find time to sit and break down what matters most to them: the music of this beloved fucking band, Blink-182!

Today is no exception! Join them today as they discuss a few news worthy topics in the world of Blink and them get on to breaking down the music itself.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us thus far. It’s been a bumpy ride, due to scheduling conflicts and misappropriated priorities, but we shit you not, it’s not about to die any time soon!

So, for now, sit back, relax, and fall with us further down the bunny hole where time goes by in the Blink of an eye.