Down the Bunny Hole 7: Give Me Peggy Sue

Old Song, Zach: Peggy Sue from Cheshire Cat
New Song, Packie: Give Me One Good Reason from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Welcome one and all to another edition of Down the Bunny Hole with Packie and Zach! In today’s episode, Packie reveals his latest domestic acquisition in the form of a little furry friend! Be sure to check the notes below for a photo or two of the little ball of mischief aptly named Loki.

Further on down the proverbial tunnel of the hare, Zach shares with us the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Enema of the State! The boys take a short trip down memory lane, reminiscing about 1999, the year that album was released, and how it affected their lives at that age with the hot nurse on the cover. Later on in the discussion, our hosts break down just how much of a change Travis really brought to the band.

More on down the hole, the boys vent their irritation with a certain a Top Ten List that Packie brought to the table. Inspiring such an endeavor to work on and release their own Top Ten list that will involve more than just tracks with commercial success. Be sure to stay tuned for that! In the midst of breaking down their respective song choices, our half-witted hosts realize that they inadvertently both chose songs that are somewhat presented as a big middle finger to the establishment that governs our societal means. Amazing the reaction when it’s discovered how this happened by accident.

So, be sure to tune in and hear all the juicy goodness that entails whilst one journeys Down the Bunny Hole!


Oh, and here is Loki!


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