Down The Bunny Hole 9: Enthused On The Dance Floor

Old Song, Zach – Enthused from Dude Ranch
New Song, Packie – Ghost on the Dance Floor from Neighborhoods

Welcome boys and girls and trannies alike to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Zach finally gets his Angels and Airwaves Gold Package vinyls! Come bask in the glory with them as they revel in it’s…glory…fuck. However! There seems to be an item missing from the package that was supposed to be sent by the band. Oh no! Tune in to find out exactly what that may be.

This, of course, leads down the vinyl Bunny Hole that our boys know and love. Packie and Zach discuss their affinity for the analog age and what kind of set up that Zach has at his disposal.

You won’t believe it, but as the boys venture down, they discuss a bit about one of their *favorite* stores. Alongside this, a nice tidbit is shared about the late great George Carlin and all his fucking wisdom.

More on down, the boys discuss punk vs pop vs pop punk and into which category the Blink boys fit.

Lastly, the much brought up Blink topic: Tom’s singing voice.

Tune in with Packie and Zach for all this and more as they journey Down the Bunny Hole!

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