Down the Bunny Hole 11: Not Lemmings

Old Song, Zach – Lemmings from Dude Ranch
New Song, Packie – Not Now from the Eponymous Album (Import) and Greatest Hits

Welcome one and fucking all to yet another episode of Down the Bunny Hole. In today’s episode, Packie and Zach start off with their usual banter about their ever growing vinyl collections and even a bit of discussion about the science behind how a vinyl actually works. Well, their own half-baked attempts at such anyway.

After their extensive discussion about vinyl records, the boys get down to business with their individual song breakdowns. As is tradition whilst traversing down the Bunny Hole, a bit of digression breaks through as the boys discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying music in today’s day and age.

As the journey continues, the boys delve into a bit of Blink 182’s cover songs. Everything from Dancing With Myself to Another Girl, Another Planet. Tune in to hear our hosts discuss this and even hear Packie’s half-assed impression of Billy Idol!

All this and so much more on today’s episode of Down the Bunny Hole!

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