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Down The Bunny Hole 10: What Isn’t my MH London

Old Song, Packie – What’s My Age Again? from Enema of the State
New Song, Zach – MH 4.18.2011 from Neighborhoods
AVA Song, Packie – Young London from LOVE pt. I
+44 Song, Zach – No, It Isn’t from When Your Heart Stops Beating

Welcome one and all to our first special episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, the boys make good on their claim that every 10 episode will include two extra songs from subsequent project bands! Tune in to hear the boys break down not only a couple Blink songs, but an AVA and +44 song as well!

Further on down, Packie and Zach share a bond through a previous encounter with a stomach related illness after Packie states that he can’t have caffeine. Surrounding this tidbit, they discuss a few of Blink’s latest goings on (at least from 3 weeks ago) and any news related thereto. After that, Packie reveals that the day of this recording marked the 2 year anniversary of his Angels & Airwaves tattoo! Be sure to check our Facebook Page to see a photo of what he calls his “Little Black Dark Scar.”

As our hosts begin to break down their respective songs, Packie has a brain fart and can’t seem to remember that he was supposed to pick a Blink 182 song. Join in and let us all laugh at his flubs.

All this and more can be heard in this very special episode of Down the Bunny Hole!