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Down the Bunny Hole 76: California: One Year Later

In this episode Packie and Zach talk about blink-182’s return with their first effort with new member Matt Skiba. They discuss the album in depth and in only a way they can. Sit back, strap in, and get your ears ready for an aural adventure about their album ‘California’.


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Down the Bunny Hole 73: The Covers Mini Episode #001

In this episode Packie and Zach begin with part one of a many part series wherein they talk about two of the many covers done by the members of blink-182.

They also catch up with Tom and discuss what he’s up to lately.

Zach’s song ‘A Letter To Elise’ originally by the Cure

Packie’s song ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ originally by The Only Ones


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Down The Bunny Hole 33: Stay Together For The Kids?

In this episode Packie and Zach take a break from breaking down blink-182’s music and instead focus on the current situation with Tom’s recent departure from the band.

Down The Bunny Hole 10: What Isn’t my MH London

Old Song, Packie – What’s My Age Again? from Enema of the State
New Song, Zach – MH 4.18.2011 from Neighborhoods
AVA Song, Packie – Young London from LOVE pt. I
+44 Song, Zach – No, It Isn’t from When Your Heart Stops Beating

Welcome one and all to our first special episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, the boys make good on their claim that every 10 episode will include two extra songs from subsequent project bands! Tune in to hear the boys break down not only a couple Blink songs, but an AVA and +44 song as well!

Further on down, Packie and Zach share a bond through a previous encounter with a stomach related illness after Packie states that he can’t have caffeine. Surrounding this tidbit, they discuss a few of Blink’s latest goings on (at least from 3 weeks ago) and any news related thereto. After that, Packie reveals that the day of this recording marked the 2 year anniversary of his Angels & Airwaves tattoo! Be sure to check our Facebook Page to see a photo of what he calls his “Little Black Dark Scar.”

As our hosts begin to break down their respective songs, Packie has a brain fart and can’t seem to remember that he was supposed to pick a Blink 182 song. Join in and let us all laugh at his flubs.

All this and more can be heard in this very special episode of Down the Bunny Hole!

Down the Bunny Hole 8: Asthem+ms

Old Song, Packie – M+Ms from Cheshire Cat
New Song, Zach – Asthenia from the Eponymous Album

Hello fellow Bunny Hole Dwellers! Welcome, yet again, to another stirring episode of Down the Bunny Hole! In today’s episode, Zach and Packie talk about the beauty of vinyl records and how the Enema of the State vinyl has a small error on it during the song “What’s My Age Again?” The good news is that Packie finally caved and has begun spiraling down the Bunny Hole that is vinyl. The bad news is, Zach had a rather shitty experience at the local Hot Topic store. What is this experience, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Further on Down, the boys discuss the goods and bads of social networking. This incoherently segues right into Zach’s awesome story about sharing +44 with a brokenhearted coworker. Then, in the traditional vein of the Bunny Hole itself, our hosts discuss a couple different articles that were centered around Blink 182. One of them being why the author feels that Blink 182 should go on hiatus again. The second article is an interview with Tom DeLonge about To The Stars and the next Angels and Airwaves album. Juicy, juicy, juicy!

As the journey continues, the boys do their thing where they break down the songs of Blink! Tune in to hear their thoughts and musings on the two songs that they chose for this weeks episode! Stay tuned as they go on further to discuss a few songs upon which  the members of Blink have individually featured!

All this and so much more as we take a trip Down the Bunny Hole!

Down The Bunny Hole 3: Wasting You

Old Song, Packie: Wasting Time
New Song, Zach: I Miss you
Welcome to episode #3! In today’s episode, Packie and Zach delve so deep down the Bunny Hole, that they realize that one day, the’ll be podcasting straight from Hell! At least we’ll all be in good company, right? On their way down, they discuss time travelers on Twitter, the Bible being a shitty excuse for anything, and setting the bar low each and every time.

As they finally begin to circle their thoughts, they come to realize that Blink is their own personal D&D; their right and proper nerding out. This segues nicely into breaking down their two chosen songs as well as one bonus one with a legit explanation as to why it was written!

So, come on in! Join our illustrious, semi-retarded hosts as they traverse up, down, and all around the proverbial Bunny Hole!